We are pleased to announce that the longlist for Found in Translation has been selected!

  • Oor ‘n motorfiets, ‘n zombiefliek en lang getalle wat deur elf gedeel kan word (About a motorbike, a zombie movie and long numbers that can be divided by eleven) by Jaco Jacobs– LAPA (Afrikaans)
  • Kako smo odrastali: Slobodni pad (How We Were Growing Up: Free Fall) by Mirta Stantic –Algoritam (Croatian)
  • Dig og mig ved daggry (You and Me at Dawn) by Sanne Munk Jensen and Glenn Ringtved – Gyldendal (Danish)
  • Serpina: Klintespind (Serpina: Cliff Spell) by Helle Ryding – Nyt Nordisk (Danish)
  • Ik Denk Dat Het Liefde Was (I think it was love) by Kathleen Vereecken – Lannoo  (Dutch)
  • Allemaal willen we de hemel (We all want heaven) by Els Beerten – Querido (Dutch)
  • Vals (False) by Wallis de Vries – De Fontein (Dutch)
  • Ilottomien Ihnisten Kylä  (The Village) by Anne Leinonen – WSOY (Finnish)
  • Les Brumes d’Avallach (The Mists of Avallach) by Marah Woolf – Michel Lafon (French)
  • Zurück nach Hollyhill (Back to Hollyhill) by Alexandra Pilz – Heyne (German)
  • Mein Lotta-Leben (My Life as Lotta) by Alice Pantermüller – Arena (German)
  • Ο Τριγωνοψαρούλης (The Little Trianglefish) by Vagelis Iliopoulos – Patakis (Greek)
  • Mio nonno era un ciliegio (My Grandfather Was a Cherry Tree) by Angela Nanetti – Edizioni EL (Italian)
  • 마법같은 선물이야 (Trip to See the Aurora) by Hwang SunMi – SigongJunior (Korean)
  • O istorie secreta a Tarii Vampirilor (A Secret History of the Country of the Vampires) by Adina Popescu – Art (Romanian)
  • Pojkarna (The Boys) by Jessica Schiefauer – Nordin Agency (Swedish)
  • Jagger Jagger by Frida Nilsson – Natur & Kultur (Swedish)
  • Kusinerna Karlsson: Spöken och spioner  (The Karlsson Cousins: Ghosts & Spies) by Katarina Mazetti  - Alfabeta (Swedish)
  • Jag är tyvärr död och kan inte komma till skolan idag (Unfortunately, I’m dead and can’t come to school today) by Sara Ohlsson – Gilla Bocker (Swedish)
  • 腹語師的女兒(The Ventriloquist’s Daughter) by Man-Chiu Lin – Global Kids Books, a division of Global Views – Commonwealth Publishing Group (Taiwan)
  • Kayip Kitapliktaki Iskelet (Skeleton of the Lost Library) by Aytül Akal and Mavisel Yener – Tudem (Turkish)

The judging panel will review the longlisted titles:

Anthea Bell (award-winning literary translator)

Barry Cunningham (Publisher at Chicken House)

Adam Freudenheim (Publisher at Pushkin Press)

Laura Godwin (Vice President and Publisher at Henry Holt)

Beverly Horowitz (Vice President and Publisher at Delacorte Press)

The winners will be announced in March 2015.